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Web Design, Branding & Digital Strategy

It took a lot of thought, inspiration, hard work and dedication for you to get to this point.

Your business is one of your life’s passions. Let’s honor and feed your passion by creating a beautiful home for it on the Web.

Custom Branding & Website DesignWork with me to create a website that works for you

Web & Graphic Design and Branding has been my passion for the past 10 years. But I offer much more than websites and logos. I provide a complete process of strategizing and developing your visual brand and business goals to create a beautiful and compelling website for your business or idea. I also guide you through your copywriting, marketing and many of the other things an entrepreneur needs to create a successful online presence.


Be seen by the right people

Custom Website for Aneu Weight Loss & Wellness CompanyWe will focus on writing and organizing content that pulls the heart strings of the people you really want to work with.

You & your business will earn the respect it deserves because of the expertise and special care taken with your web design and visual brand.



Goal + Strategy = Results!

Digital Strategy may not be a term you’re familiar with yet. In essence, it’s a combination of identifying goals for your website, and then setting up the marketing and techie side of things to help you achieve those goals. This can be things like building your mailing list (GOAL) by setting up an opt-in form + a free gift to new subscribers (STRATEGY). Or, getting people to buy your products or services (GOAL) by writing compelling copy that will entice the reader and setting up PayPal buttons for them to click & make a purchase on a sales page.



Lisa Fleming, Writer, Yogi, Reiki Master, Dream Chaser

I’ve referred to Catherine as my coach, my manager, and my mentor throughout the process of setting up my business, website, and social media accounts. She is more than a web designer, and I got more than I signed up for by choosing her!

I had a vision and a lot of ideas, but had no idea how to bring them to life, or how to attract business from a marketing standpoint. Catherine made it so easy for me, that it made me wish I had started sooner.

– Lisa Fleming, Lisa Fleming LIVE


Are you ready to get more serious about your personal brand or small business?

Create a solid plan to set up a business websiteYou want a beautiful, well-organized, goal-busting, “talk of the town” website, right? You’re in the right place. I take great time and care to help you achieve this.

We begin with lot of planning and strategizing to identify your audience and your end-goals, so that I can then put into place the means to achieve those goals.

Your website should be a top-selling employee of your business

It should be your employee of the month, every month! A website without an end-goal, no matter how nice it looks, is just a website — a dusty old brochure in a pile of many other dusty old brochures sitting by the door of your local coffee shop. Maybe the occasional person will pick it up and take it home, but they’ll most likely just throw it away once they see it’s not really meant for them.

Would you want to pour your heart, soul and money into something that isn’t properly planned, targeted to your right people and designed beautifully?

Like I said, working with me will get you much more than just a beautiful website. This is why projects normally take about 6-8 weeks from project start date to website launch. If you’re looking for a quick website that has all of the things I’ve discussed…I wish you well, but unfortunately I may not be the designer for you. If you are ready to take your business into new and exciting territory, it would be an honor to help you get there.

Currently accepting new projects for June, 2017

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