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Photo Editing

Photo Retouching Services Once upon a time, in a photo lab & studio far far away, I was playing with light density and color balance while processing and printing 35mm film and digital photos for the general public. In between this job and the beginning of my web & graphic design career, I worked for professional photographers who were too busy to do their own edits.

Even though I have a solid background in Photography and could have went on to become a wedding or portrait photographer, eventually the siren’s call of web & graphic design claimed me. But I still continue to enhance almost every single photograph that comes my way, whether it’s a client’s bio photo or an old, torn and faded family portrait.

I’m bringing back my photo editing service with a number of new offerings!

“Your Beautiful Bio Photo”: $30 USD

Send me a photo of you, whether it’s from your DSLR, a point-and-shoot, or even an iPhone…and I will enhance it. This service includes basic photo editing like light balance, color balance and enhancement, editing your eyes so they “pop”, the removal of any skin blemishes, and softening the pores (digital makeup, if you will). I can also turn your portrait black & white or sepia. Get a Quote…

"Your Beautiful Bio Photo" Enhancement

“Your Beautiful Bio Photo” Enhancement

Basic Photo Editing:  $40/hour USD

Photo enhancements and image-optimization for the web. Can include product photography, photos you take for your blog…whatever you’ve got! Get a Quote…

Photo Editing for Product Photography

Photo Editing for Product Photography – $40/hour (£26). Pictured: Love Keepsakes

Advanced Photo Editing: $80/hour USD

i.e. Performing minor miracles! Saving your badly lit, “noisy” and pixelated photos from the recycle bin. Some techniques that fall under this service are removing/adding objects, removing a background, opening your eyes if you blinked (need a second photo of your eyes open for this), creating a “painted image” effect, brightening shadows and softening bright sunlight on your skin, plus more! Get a Quote…

Photo Restoration: $100/hour USD

Breathing new life into old, faded photographs. Get a Quote…

Digital Art: $200/hour USD

Ever fancy being an angel, fairy or a goddess? I’ve had my digital art published in magazines in the US and UK. Here are some examples. Get a Quote…

Digital Art

Digital Art for Van Asch

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