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The Changes & Shifts of a Creative Entrepreneur While Running a Microbusiness

Posted by on April 28, 2016 in A Designer's Life, Biz Talk | 2 comments

The Changes & Shifts of a Creative Entrepreneur While Running a Microbusiness

The Changes & Shifts of a Creative Entrepreneur While Running a Microbusiness


In my e-course Illuminate, we do a lot of soul-searching and introspection about how our businesses & lives interact with each other, so that we can create better businesses & lives.

After designing and writing this course, I worked through it myself.

And, oh my, did it open my eyes.

Never did I think my own creation would challenge me so much. At first, my introspection and journal writings seemed like going through the motions, with long-held well-meaning thought patterns and ideas I just needed to give more attention to. This soon led to guilt creeping in, and always being on the brink of panic because I couldn’t find more time and more energy to start and finish all these great plans I’d made. Because if I don’t, I’m not worthy of calling myself a business owner. (I’m rolling my eyes just writing that)

But when I finally had time off to process what I’d discovered when taking this course, or maybe had always known but was forced to see for the first time, I began to unravel.

There I was, pieces of me falling away bit by bit each day until I was nearly empty, just a shell of the creative soul I had once been.

I couldn’t do anything but the bare minimum for nearly 3 months.

I thought I was losing my creativity forever.

Even after barely holding on to it and what was left of my SELF after a huge loss.

I thought, is this the final nail in my artist’s toolbox?

The answer of course is, “no”. If you’re born with the artist’s spark, you will always, in some way or another, make art.

That is when I realized what I needed to do.

Setting aside ideas and plans, some just for now, some maybe forever, has allowed me to begin to wind my threads of knowledge, skill, motivation, enthusiasm and passion back up into a thriving ball of creative energy.

This challenge forced me to take a look at my business and my livelihood and see what isn’t working for me. It forced me to re-visit some exciting ideas I had jotted down in the past, and to create some new ones.

There will soon be some changes here at Creatively Designed.

The Creative Entrepreneur’s Greatest Challenge

The greatest challenge we face as Creative Entrepreneurs is ourselves.

We’re soulful, emotional, and empathic. We go out of our way to please our clients and customers. We’re happy when they’re happy,

We’re also particular, sometimes perfectionists, and we challenge and second guess our own ideas all the time.

This stifles creativity.

Be the uniquely inquisitive creator you are, but try to recognize when you are holding yourself back. It’s one thing to do a job and do it very well, and it’s another when you over-do (a painting, design, customer support, writing, etc) ’til you burnout.

The hard fact is, a small or microbusiness will not sustain a lot of burnout.

So go forth gently and with purpose.

Also, don’t be afraid of a challenge. It can be the next big step towards becoming a more balanced and fulfilled Creative Entrepreneur.




  1. Reminds me of a ‘creativity doubt’ phase I went through some years ago. Here is the blog I wrote about it – Trusting the Tides of Inspiration.

    Big love

    • Yes, Maggie, what you wrote there is exactly what I’m going through right now. Just moved, trying to push against the tide, but not getting anywhere. Rest…then a huge rush of creativity! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Love to you in Cornwall.

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