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How to Create a Custom PayPal Button for your WordPress Website

Posted by on January 29, 2015 in Tutorials, Website DIY, Wordpress Tips | 2 comments

How to Create a Custom PayPal Button for your WordPress Website

Create a Custom PayPal Button - a Tutorial

Monetizing your Website

This is a popular request from readers and clients!

You want your website to be more than just a brochure for your business, right? Why not get the most out of the time and money you’ve invested in it?

Creating “Buy Now” PayPal buttons is a great way to enable your website to do more than just share information about your business and make connections with potential customers. It monetizes your website. If you’re a service-based business, or you’re not planning to run a full e-commerce online shop, PayPal is a quick, affordable and easy way to achieve this.

Important! If you’re a small or micro business selling automated downloads, like e-books, e-courses, mp3s, or anything else produced for the masses (as opposed to custom products/services for one client), you will want to read up on the new EU tax law that affects all online businesses, worldwide. To avoid the hassle of having to comply with this new law, try Payhip or Paddle along with PayPal. The first two handle all the new tax issues for you!

Download the free tutorial:

Create a Custom PayPal Button Tutorial

Click to Download the tutorial, “Create a Custom PayPal Button” (PDF)

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  1. My friend Nikki referred me to you, and i appreciate her for introducing me.
    Very lovely work! I have a Squarespace site I am working on, and am just learning how to do this.
    I see that you use wordpress.

    • Welcome, and thank you! Nikki is fabulous.

      Yes, I adore WordPress because it’s a very robust and versatile tool for designing and developing websites. The best part is that it allows you be the full owner of your own website! But Squarespace is a great place to start, for sure. The most important thing is to get your work out there and looking its best so it reaches the audience you want to reach!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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