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Twitter for Networking: Live-Tweeting & Tweetups

Posted by on July 7, 2014 in A Designer's Life | 0 comments

Twitter for Networking: Live-Tweeting & Tweetups

Twitter for Networking - Life-Tweeting & Tweetups

Tweeting, Business Networking and Giant Pineapples!I went to my first Tweetup last week.

My husband & I recently moved to the Torbay area of South Devon…birthplace of Agatha Christie (and the setting for some of her novels..And Then There Were None, comes to mind), warm sunshine, and palm trees that look like giant pineapples (apparently I was very excited about that, as you can see). Not a very big move from Cornwall, but a big step for our livelihoods and our careers.

After a nice long USA holiday to visit my family and friends (and the husband’s sister & family…we swapped countries!), I arrived back in Devon feeling a little bit lost without all my people. In the 4 weeks I was in the US, I racked up over 1,000 miles in my mom’s car, driving from East Side and West Side of Cleveland multiple times to see as many people as I could. But I was excited to get back to our (brand new – we moved a week before we left for our trip!) home in Devon, and to really make the most of Torbay.

So I went back to my old business networking magic charm, Twitter. When I lived in Seattle years ago, I was brand new to Twitter and ended up making a few wonderful connections with some local artists. It got me a gig doing portrait photography for an awesome singer-songwriter, an authentic May Day feast at a living-history medieval village with an artist friend, and all the latest news about the many Seattle-ish happenings around town (a big parade with pirates heckling you from a truck turned into a pirate ship? Okay!).

Using Twitter for Networking

In the UK there is a strong Twitter presence for local businesses, and there are Twitter chat “hours” (also called Live-Tweeting) that you can participate in by adding specific hashtags to your tweets. Earlier this year, I joined many a #CornwallHour and #DevonHour, learning a lot about these two counties and what the small business environment is like here (lots of small locally-minded businesses, tourism, and healthy & holistic products and services). It was through these that I discovered #TorbayHour, which hosts live “tweetups” where business owners meetup at local venues to network, chat, and for the final hour, tweet! It’s probably the only time when excessively using your phone within a group of people would be acceptable. And it was actually really fun! I met a lot of great people, and it was a nice break from flying solo at my home office.

Do you use Twitter for networking? You can find Twitter chats that relate to your own business, maybe even one in your area! Check out these directories:
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