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Taking it to next level: How to Save Time and Money by using WordPress to set up a Website {Part 2}

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Taking it to next level: How to Save Time and Money by using WordPress to set up a Website {Part 2}

Read Part 1 of this series to learn how to set up a quick and free website with

Save time and money with WordPressSo you’ve got your blog/website and you’re writing and sharing your ideas. You may find that this is working out really well for you. If so, that’s great! Keep going. Share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to start building an audience. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people, especially bloggers and authors, who use this free version of WordPress for their main website.

When your business or readership really starts to take off, you may want to consider having a fully-customized website created for you by a professional. A polished website that matches your professionalism and your personality is important to effectively portray yourself and your services or your products in the best possible way.

This is where the perks of starting out with will come to full fruition. When your new website is finished, you or your web designer can grab all of your posts and pages with just a few button clicks. And with a few more button clicks (by your web designer) on your new self-hosted WordPress website, the posts will reappear. No copy and pasting text needed!

How to export your posts and pages:

  1. Go to your Dashboard and click “Tools” in the left menu column.
  2. Click “Export
    How to export WordPress Files
  3. Click “Export” (the free option that says “Create an XML file containing your posts and comments for you to save or import into another WordPress blog.”)
    How to export WordPress files
  4. Where it says “Choose what to export”, select “All content“:
    How to export WordPress files
  5. Finally, click “Download Export File“. Save the XML file to your desktop, then email it to your web designer

That’s it! Your designer will know what to do from there. 

You’re still saving money…

You  may be thinking, “How is switching from my FREE website to paying a web designer to design a new custom website saving me any money?”

Yes, you’ll be spending a bit to buy web hosting, register your own domain name, and hire a designer to give you a more polished, professional look. But it’s still very affordable. The perk with self-hosted WordPress is that it’s great for web designers and developers because it takes a lot of steps out of the design process. The WordPress software comes with all the pre-coded files needed to get the job done. This makes it great for you because it drastically brings down the cost of building a website. Less time to design = less cost.

Additional perks worth the switch:

  • Your own custom domain name (URL) (  About $10/year with companies like GoDaddy as opposed to the $13/year charges.*
  • Custom email addresses (  Usually as many as you want, while only gives you 5.*
  • Your own web host gives you more space, meaning you have room to grow (more pages, content, etc):  As low as under $50/year of unlimited space with companies like HostGator, as opposed to $99/year for only 10gb of space  (plus the 3gb you already have with the free account) with Premium.*
  • Your own web host gives you more bandwidth, meaning more people can visit your website without any hiccups
  • There is so much more you/your designer can do with self-hosted WordPress. Mainly, plugins. (use sparingly and with the help of your web designer!)
  • Your website will have a fully branded and customized look if you work with a good designer: Premium gives you some additional customization options, but not full-customization.*

*Prices and offerings are taken from’s Upgrades, mainly the Premium Bundle, as of February 4th, 2014.

Self-hosted WordPress converts…what are some more perks you noticed when you made the switch from to self-hosted Wordress?

There are certainly other ways to save time and money when setting up a website. I personally like this one because it creates such an easy transition to self-hosted WordPress, which is what so many businesses – big and small – are benefiting from.

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