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What is WordPress?

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

This is the prequel to my WordPress series lasix pills. Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2¬†about how to use WordPress to save time & money!

I love WordPress. My clients have no doubt heard me tout its amazingness over the years. I now use WordPress as the platform to create all of my websites because it gives me more time, flexibility and options. Its versatility and user-friendlyness lets me work with new and growing small businesses, which means I can take on the projects I enjoy the most.

For all the same reasons, WordPress is also beneficial for you – the budding business owner, the artist, the small local shop, or <insert any job or business description here>.

So, what is WordPress?

WordPress is software that lets you create a blog or website. It’s very robust, sleek, secure and search-engine friendly. It comes with a content management system (called the “Dashboard”) which makes it super easy to create blog posts and web pages.

There are two different versions of WordPress.

.COM version is a free blogging tool, and you don’t need to be a designer or coder to use it. Simply sign up and start writing! It also allows you to make a few edits to the design – like adding your own banner and colors. perks:
  • Great for getting your ideas out there quickly
  • Has an easy to use dashboard to manage all of your pages and posts
  • It’s a very good in-between place to write or promote your business while your web designer is working on creating your official website or blog.
  • It’s free!

.ORG version is where web designers / developers go to download the actual WordPress software. Your designer will then upload WordPress on to a web host where they have full control over creating the look and layout of your blog or website.

This is often called Self-Hosted WordPress because you’re hosting your own WordPress website on your own web host of choice (instead of with perks:
  • You can achieve a look that is truly “you”
  • You can register your own URL (, instead of
  • You can often get unlimited web space for your website (if you choose a good web host. More on this in a future post!)
  • You can create custom domain email addresses (example: This also depends on which web host you choose)
  • Comes with the same easy to use dashboard, but with more options that your web designer can add to enhance the site

So wherever you are on your path – personally, professionally, financially ¬†– either version of WordPress will be a good choice. And next time, I’ll show you how to use both versions to save time and money!

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