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Client Love – Mediaeval Baebes

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Client Love – Mediaeval Baebes

Mediaeval Baebes Website

Set to release their latest studio album, which features traditional Christmas carols, No. 1 selling classical choral group, the Mediaeval Baebes, hired me to design their new website. I’ve admired their music for years, so this was a wonderful project to work on. I wish the Baebes abundant success with what is a uniquely crafted musical piece of seasonal beauty. At the time I’m writing this, the album is number 8 on the UK classical charts!

Mediaeval Baebes responsive website

Responsive Design for tablets and smart phones

Design Process

I worked with Baebes’ stylist, Nichole Sleet of The Dandelion House, to come up with a fresh and modern look without losing the magic and enchantment which the Baebes are well known and loved for. They also take some of the most beautiful press photos I’ve ever seen, so I wanted to honor that on the website by making it sleek and minimal, with the Baebes themselves taking center stage.

Services and features for this project include a custom homepage with “features” slider and video integration, custom online shop, responsive (smart phone and tablet-friendly) format, and website content management.

Client Connection

When I first discovered the Mediaeval Beabes in 2002, I was browsing through a Barnes & Noble after work one evening when I happened upon this gorgeous album artwork…

Mediaeval Baebes - The Rose

I didn’t hesitate buying it. When I got home, the first few recorder notes (yes, the recorder you play in school..only much much nicer!) of “I Am Eve” flowed through my speakers, and I was hooked. I was still living in the US at the time, so I never thought I’d see them perform live. But then a few years later, they came to Toronto, Ontario! So we went and it was beautiful and I took some photos that appeared on their website years before I was hired to design the new one. I saw them twice more before moving to England, and now I’m looking forward to catching a gig in a medieval cathedral someday.

Dancing Ribbons by Catherine McManus ~ Mediaeval Baebes live at the Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario

Dancing Ribbons ~ Mediaeval Baebes live at the Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario

If you’re looking for an ethereal and delightful take on traditional Christmas carols, you should check out Of Kings & Angels audio samples on iTunes and buy the album on the Mediaeval Baebes website! You can also check out the rest of their extensive catalog of music in the market.


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